Nichole Barrett

I am a very free & daring spirit. I love to have fun, travel, dance and create beautiful/sexy content. I create videos&photographs of myself


Nichole Barrett took 6th place in her group! Thank you for helping us donate to the Canadian Cancer Society! We will be announcing our donation at the end of the competition.

Everyone has a secret talent, what is yours?

I am passionate and talented at singing, and dancing. I enjoy to do both at once to make it funner and more interesting for myself. I am learning the basics of music production and I write a lot of lyrics so I am excited to put something together when I have the time. I invest a lot of my time in modelling and video editing so I am always improving those skills. I was also a provincial gymnast for many years maintaining my skills. I also love listening to people and making them feel accepted.

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $10,000?

I would probably invest the money to make it grow. I have a very business orientated mind as of now and I feel like many people would go through the money fast. I am not a rich girl but I know the value of time and money. Money is a tool so I would try to use it wisely and then once it grows, I would follow my dreams and continue to help people but in a different light. The light of wealth and power of oneself. I believe many people can feel defeated easily as I have gone through those feelings.