More than a people person! Not afraid to express myself! Weirdo but classy gal :P hardworking! And I swear I should have my own reality show


Honey took 14th place in her group! Thank you for helping us donate to the Canadian Cancer Society! We will be announcing our donation at the end of the competition.

Everyone has a secret talent, what is yours?

I don’t mean to brag or anything BUT I’m pretty good at writing🤷🏽‍♀️ I like to rap and make songs when I can or maybe sculpt something. Anything that has to do with creating, I’m all for baby! Lol I remember my mom would always get upset at me for DIY’ing my new pants into shorts... oops😁

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $10,000?

I haven’t exactly thought about that part yet. Signing up I thought this would be a lot of fun and I would really enjoy this. Something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. If I had the $10,000 or any sort of BIIG BUCKS, I would definitely invest in something with a portion and use some towards my music and influenster hobbies. It’s hard to say exactly!!