Anmol Dosanjh

This is me, a runway model and full-time Bsc student! I believe that no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted🙏


Anmol Dosanjh took 10th place in her group! Thank you for helping us donate to the Canadian Cancer Society! We will be announcing our donation at the end of the competition.

Everyone has a secret talent, what is yours?

My secret talent is that I am a bathroom-singer. I love singing and trying out new songs but only inside the house! As I sing, I start to feel the emotions coming out of the song and sing with a lot of passion. My voice can also become quite loud sometimes, as I am known to be a quiet person when I go outside. No one except for my family has witnessed my singing. I have been advised to try singing but I preferred modelling more, to show to the world. This is who I am when it comes to secrets!

If you were voted our cover girl, what would you do with $10,000?

I'd like to give back to my community where there are some people who really need medical treatment. I have always dreamt of hosting an eye camp in a third-world country where people with cataracts can receive treatment. Another thing is, to help people who cannot afford to buy medication for their illness. Medicine is most important in treatment, so I would help these patients get the treatment they need. I would feel much better, and happy to give back since I have had so many blessings.