7th place

Group Nineteen

Latisha Latouche

I put passion into everything I do and I am a giver. I’m not rich but I give out smiles and kindness daily.

Why would you like to win?

With all that is going on in today’s world, I would love to bring diversity to MAXIM Magazine and show girls of all ages that regardless of where you come from, your financial status, or how you view yourself, there is a chance for you to achieve your dreams. I have a lot to show the world but I’ve never known where to start. This would be the greatest opportunity to kickstart the career of my dreams.

What would you do with the money if you win?

My family means the world world to me and I know how much they would love to see me succeed in life. This opportunity would aid in paying off school debt and helping me move forward with my career choices. My parents provide me with everything I’ve ever needed to succeed and I would love to start giving back to them any way I can.