16th place

Group Six

Katie Svajgr

I am currently in University studying law. I enjoy traveling, being active, playing sports and love animals especially my doggo!

Why would you like to win?

I would like to win because I could share my story about beating an eating disorder that nearly took my life. This would be in hopes to potentially inspire other men and women. I could hopefully this way encourage people, who may or may or not be suffering with body image, that they are powerful and beautiful and can accomplish whatever they put their minds too no matter what. Hopefully I could use my story to support and help anyone battling an eating disorder.

What would you do with the money if you win?

I would donate to a charity having to do with animals as I have a huge love for them. Or donate it to an eating disorder facility or research as having beaten this disorder, I have a strong passion in helping others conquer this illness.