3rd place

Group Nine

Jhenyffer Oliveira

I'm a strong, independent 20 year old who loves to help people. I was born and raised in Brazil until I was 10 years old

Why would you like to win?

MAXIM is a magazine filled with empowered woman who are not just beautiful on the outside, but also within. I believe that everyone has a story, and if I win I would like to share mine with the world. Until recently, I never thought I was beautiful. I was always told I had too many flaws to be considered “beautiful”. But I’ve learned that beauty comes from within. It would be an honour to be MAXIM’s covergirl because I want to inspire other women to believe that self love

What would you do with the money if you win?

I would use the money to continue paying for my education, and I would donate 10% to a children's foundation in my home land, Brazil.