5th place

Group Nineteen

Hanna Joie Soon

I see life through rose-tinted glasses. I am a dreamer, a go-getter a creative, a romantic, an oprah wannabe and a die hard animal lover.

Why would you like to win?

I want to be the next Maxim cover girl because 28 4'11" Filipina girl who once dreamed of being on a cover of a magazine can make her dreams come true. To inspire women that you can be authentically sexy and that you don't have to fit the standard.

What would you do with the money if you win?

Some girls would spend their $10,000 for a Gucci shopping spree but for me, I would use it as a starting money for the business I've been planning to start. So I can start building my empire, inspiring more people and finally be able to get my dogs.