8th place

Group Nine

Gowri Sundaram

My motivation is that I want impact people in a positive way. I want to be more then just a face , I want to be a voice for people.

Why would you like to win?

I would like to win to inspire women of all ages and races. I want to empower and motivate women through my pictures. I want to show them that you can make dreams come true. That there are plenty of opportunities to reach your goals and you should never give up . Modeling is more then just looking pretty in pictures to me it’s about self expression and getting a message across through your pictures. I want to show all women how to be confident and comfortable in your own skin. (Self love)

What would you do with the money if you win?

If I won I would use the money to take modeling courses, for college tuition and donate money towards the because I’m a girl foundation. Women all around the world deserve equal rights. The money helps out women in third world countries. Here’s a link to charity Below. https://plancanada.ca/because-i-am-a-girl