14th place

Group Fifteen

Farah Mootoo

I'm a very strong confident woman that has a quirky side to her. Love the books! My favourite look is a red thong and Leonardo Da Vinci book

Why would you like to win?

Ever since I could remember I was told I have a very strong jaw line my face and body would be perfect for modelling, I didn't really take up the thought too much until now I came across this opportunity. I love Maxim! I think it puts a positive outlook on beautiful women around the world. Maxim cover girls are known globally as being the most sexiest seductive women on the planet!

What would you do with the money if you win?

If I was to win $10,000, I would definitely do a few things. For one, help my mother pay off her condo. I would continue school, and put the money towards paying off my loan. I would help those in need of food, shelter and love.