2nd place

Group Twenty-two

Elle Clough

Home is the sea. Passion in health. Believer that our greatest challenges unravel our deepest strength. Family+gym+snowboarding+tacos = key.

Why would you like to win?

I believe it would help boost my image in the world. I strive to be a leader in promoting the benefits of healthy living within my community and on the ships I sail on with the Coast Guard. I would also die a little inside to be a Maxim Cover Model! Not only proving to myself but to others what one is capable of.

What would you do with the money if you win?

First I would clear my mother’s debt. After recently completing my Diploma in Elite Personal Training I am in need of a boost! So I would drive the remainder of the money into establishing my business in Personal Training. I hope to voluntarily travel to ships in the future providing demonstrations on how to keep in shape on board and build a strong community on land in order to boost the overall health and wellness of our generation.